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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between olive oil soap and other soaps?

Özyurt olive oil soaps do not contain chemicals like other soaps. Our natural soap is created by boiling only water, oil and caustic with our 54 years of expertise and allowing it to sit for months.

  • It doesn’t dry up the skin, it nurtures and moisturizes instead
  • Bebek cildi ve çamaşırlarını temizlemek için idealdir
  • It is ideal for cleaning babies’ skin and clothes
  • When used for hair, it makes the hair shiny, prevents dandruff, ceases scalp irritations, and even prevents hair loss.

2. What should one pay attention to when using soap?

When using soap, hands should be washed for at least 40 seconds and rinsed thoroughly afterwards. In order to prevent soap from melting and losing its features, a soap dish made of wood or another moisture preventing material should also be used. When using our olive oil soap for your hair, you should rinse your hair with warm or hot water.


3. How long is the shelf life of your soaps?

Our olive oil soaps are produced with such quality that they can be used in your hope chests. Unlike chemical soaps, our soaps get better as they age.


4. Do you make custom soaps?

Yes, after evaluating your special orders, we can produce desired amounts of olive oil soaps.


5. Where can I find your soaps?

For all your orders, you can reach us from our web site on Contact page.


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